Most of Meticulous Technology's latest projects have been in close partnership with eduweb. Meticulous Technology has provided intellectual assets in the form of software architecture, design and implementation, while eduweb has furnished game assets in the form of 3D models, visual design and overall project direction.


WolfQuest has been one of our longest-running client projects. Meticulous Technology was brought on board to finish WolfQuest Episode 1 development, and designed and implemented the creature Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, based on a boids flocking system outlined by Mat Buckland.

Texas Independence

Texas Independence was the first game to use Meticulous Technology's in-house developed Event System, greatly reducing the amount of time required to setup game framework, including complex camera movements, scripted Non-Player Character movements and dialog interactions.

Washington's World

Washington's World is an interactive tour and learning experience for children. Washington's World makes extensive use of Meticulous Technology's Event System technology to ease implementation and make it easier for clients to implement custom logic and user interaction elements.

Bombarding Yorktown was a very fun "mini-game" aspect of the Washington's World project.

Betwixt Folly & Fate

Betwixt Folly & Fate was the 2nd Eduweb project Meticulous Technologies was involved in finishing. Primary areas of implementation were performance enhancement, Non-Player Character AI and other odds and ends necessary to ship a title.

Indian River Lagoon Adventure

Indian River Lagoon Adventures uses extensive custom drupal logic and template theming for monthly contests, employee blogs and family fun hotspots.

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